"Every man is a builder of a temple called his body."

~Henry David Thoreau

Heather Estrada

Heather’s all-inclusive perspective provides a yoga practice accessible to everyBODY. She believes that in our pursuit of flexibility, one must approach postures with an open mind and be willing to adapt and accommodate to the moment, abilities, and range of motion. She elevates with inherent lightness and genuine heart to heart connection. Kindness is intrinsic to her offerings. She invites one along a practical path direct to an inner experience.


Certified 500-hour level teacher. Teaching for 10+ years, offering a diverse range of yoga methodologies from dynamic fitness to therapeutic healing.


The Mission

Invoke the warmth and contentment that naturally occurs when we align with it. Experience Peacefullness.  Wholeness.  I am dedicated to equip others for skillfully meeting the challenge of everyday life.  Guide towards ones genuine sense of self, and expressing from there.  Offer a safe and welcoming practice for those first time to yoga and anyone pursuing optimum health and wellness.


The philosophy

Integrate the wisdom of traditional yoga, current science, anatomy, and social phsycology. Demystify the ancient technology making it relevant to everyone today.


The Community

Heather is well connected in the Santa Clara County. Working closely with YMCA and its outreach programs in schools to build strong families and caring inclusive environment.  She offers daily yoga practices in health clubs, yoga studios, and special workshops for non profit organizations and hostpitals.  Heather is a public speaker and mentor.

Los Gatos CA

408 429-9363